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Department of Ophthalmology, Grigore T. E-mail: moc. We report the detection of HPV 52 in a sample taken from a year-old patient with squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva of the left eye.

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Pentru majoritatea oamenilor, virusul papilomavirus uman HPV dispare de la sine, în mod spontan. Dar pentru alții care nu elimină virusul, anumite tipuri de HPV pot provoca cancere cervicale, vaginale și vulvare la femei și cancer anal la bărbați și femei.

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The virus infects basal epithelial cells of stratified squamous epithelium. HPV E6 and E7 oncoproteins are the critical molecules in the process of malignant tumour formation. Interacting with various cellular proteins, E6 and E7 influence fundamental cellular functions like cell cycle regulation, telomere maintenance, susceptibility to apoptosis, intercellular adhesion and regulation of immune responses. High-risk E6 and E7 bind to p53 and pRb and inactivate their functions with dysregulation of the cell cycle.

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In addition to tobacco and alcohol abuse, certain viruses have human papillomavirus in cells associated with squamous cell carcinoma SCC of the head and neck, causing alterations in DNA. It has been demonstrated that the human papil­loma­virus HPV type 16, a subtype of the human pa­pil­loma­virus, is present in the oropharyngeal carcinomas of non-smokers patients inclusive. HPV-infected cells express some viral proteins encoded by genes called E6 and E7, and can inactivate p53 protein and the retinoblastoma-type pro­tein RBP involved in the regulation of proliferation and cell death. Materials and method.

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Însă şi la bărbat, infecţia cu HPV poate crea probleme: vegetaţii veneriene şi chiar cancer genital. Este important pentru bărbaţi să înţeleagă cum pot reduce riscul infecţiei cu HPV. Unele tipuri de HPV pot determina cancer anal sau penian la bărbaţi. Este adevărat că sunt situaţii rare, mai ales în cazul unui bun sistem imunitar.